James Hartford Allston

12th FBS pilot KIA on 16 June 1953.

Lt. Allston was Number 2 man on Mission Expire 52, Ford Flight, armed reconnaissance mission in Area 1. He followed the leader in on the dive bomb run during which the target was a truck. The leader sustained damage on the run and crashed south of the bomb line. Lt. Allston was hit and crashed during the attack.

“Lt. Forbes and Lt. Allston were hit while attacking a truck just behind the enemy lines.  Lt. Forbes flamed out but was able to glide to no-mans land and elected to crash land rather than bail out since he did not want to be capture. He survived the crash with only cuts and bruises and was picked up in a short time by the ROK infantry patrol.

Lt. Allston, flying Lt. Forbes wing, evidently was hit on the bomb run also and crashed without pulling out. The other element circled but could find no trace of him.”