Korean War Veterans 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing Roll of Honor

A 18th Wing Korean War Veterans List

Pilots and Airmen of the 18th Wing killed in combat are listed in italics-bold faced.

Aanes, Edward A.

Abercrombie, Aaron R.

Abernathy, Richard

Abram, J.C.

Abulencia, Don

Adams, Carroll P.

Adams, Michael E.

Adams, Milton B.

Adams, Nathan J.

Adams, Virgil H.

Adelman, Fred J.

Adkisson, Houston T.

Agan, Herbert W.

Agovino, Barry L.

Aguire, Lionel A.

Ainslie, Robert E.

Albarado, Leon J., Jr.

Albright, Ralph W.

Albritton, Raz

Alden, Ike,

Aldrich, George D.

Alexander, Carl E.

Alfarone, Eduardo M.

Alfier, Alexander A.

Alldredge, Gordon D.

Allard, Joseph P.

Allard, Orin T.

Allen, Albert E.

Allen, James E.

Allen, James R.

Allender, E.W.

Alley, Billy B.

Allgood, Vernon L.

Allison, “Red”

Allmon, Dwight

Allston, James Hartford

Almeida, Fred

Allston, 2nd Lt. James Hartford

Alton, D.

Altvater, Ralph P.

Alvarez, E.S.

Alves, Abel R.

Ambrecht, Louis P.

Ames, Roger J.

Anderson, Charles T.

Anderson, Curtis A.

Anderson, Don

Anderson, Gene A.

Anderson, George B.

Anderson, Hany S.

Anderson, Leonard W.

Anderson, Lynn M.

Anderson, Orin M.

Anderson, R. H.

Anderson, Richard D.

Anderson, R.L.

Anderson, Wayne D.

Anderson, Wayne L.

Andes, Lloyd Andres,

Joseph E. Andrews,

Jay W., Jr. Andrews,

Richard T.

Andrews, William C., Jr.

Andridge, Herbert W., Jr.

Andriesse, Arnold N.

Andridge, Major Herbert W. Jr.

Andujar, Manual V.

Ankrum, Leo R.

Annandale, J. J. K.

Annett, B. J.

Anwyl, Ray

Armbrecht, Louis P.

Armfield, Albert V.

Armstrong, Bernie H.

Armstrong, Clyde O.

Armstrong, Jacob B.

Armstrong, Ray F.

Arnold, Henry R.

Arnold, Howard B., Jr.

Arnold, J.K.

Arredondo, William

Arthur, Albert L.

Ash, Curtis

Ashworth, Russell

Askounis, Gust

Aspgren, Clarence

Atkinson, Leland R.

Atwood, Howard R.

Aubuchon, Edward W., Jr.

Auebler, T.A.

Augustine, J.H.

Augustine, Richard

Auld, David H., Jr.

Ausman, Harold J.

Ayer, Capt. Elliot Dean

Ayers, Fay E.

If you know of a Korean War Veteran who served with the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing or any of its component squadrons during the Korean War and is not listed below, please feel free to use our contact form to bring the name to our attention. Please include any supporting information/background that is relevant. We will add the name to the Honor Roll and include your name as the nominee.

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