Roll of Honor

Honor Roll of Korean War Veterans of the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 1950-1953.

This list of 18th Wing veterans of the Korean War was compiled from many sources and with the help of many others.

Special thanks is given to the following individuals and organizations without whose help even this incomplete listing would have been impossible: Lt. Col. Duane “Bud” Biteman, founder of the 18th Fighter Wing Association and the first to begin gathering the names of Truckbuster Veterans. Also, Barry Agovino, Lt. Col. Kenneth H. Barber, Ross Bedford, Lt. Col. Grover C. Crocker, Lt. Col. Julian F. Crow, Mary (Frese) DeFranco, David Denfield, Charles R. “Bob” Grissom, George L. Jamison, Col. Edward Mason, Lt. Col. John McCann (Dallas Squadron member), Doris McKelvey, Col. Harry Moreland, Lt. Col. Richard H. Schiebel, Col. Fred L. Thomas, Major Joe Williams, and William J. “Bill” Wirges.

Pilots and Airmen of the 18th Wing killed in combat are listed in italics-bold faced.

If you know of a Korean War Veteran who served with the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing or any of its component squadrons during the Korean War and is not listed below, please feel free to use our contact form to bring the name to our attention. Please include any supporting information/background that is relevant. We will add the name to the Honor Roll and include your name as the nominee.

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